Infinite Learning Middle School Athletics

at El Segundo Middle School


Spring 2019:  Girls Softball and Boys Volleyball





Tryouts:  Tuesday, 3/12 and Wednesday, 3/13 from 2:45 - 4 pm











Goals of Infinite Learning's Athletic Program

Infinite Learning believes recreational sports are a great way to introduce youth to the basic rules of the game and begin to teach them good sportsmanship skills. It is also a way to get youth out in the fresh air, get them moving and having fun.

Most professional athletes began playing in recreational leagues, but it is important to remember that recreational sports benefit all youth - not just budding future pro-athletes. A good, positive recreational sports program can be a great way for them to develop cognitive and physical skills. This development helps youth in all areas of their life and builds self-esteem.

 In many cases, youth join club teams for extensive skills training, to position athletes for exposure and recruiting purposes and to get a leg up for participation in high school sports.  Our teams are recreational teams that provide youth, some for the first time, the opportunity to participate in interscholastic athletics. With this focus in mind, Infinite Learning does not provide the same experience of elite club teams.

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Student Goals and Objectives:

1. Provide a meaningful, purposeful experience for every student regardless of ability, inability or disability.

2. Provide an opportunity to improve health through exercise.

3. Provide character-building growth and development opportunities through active recreation and structured classroom instruction.

4. Provide an opportunity to develop motor skills that will be beneficial throughout life.

5. Provide experiences that assist in the construction of a positive self-esteem.

6. Provide a clean and safe atmosphere.

7. Provide an opportunity to develop sportsmanship and honesty regarding rules, officials and opponents.

8. Provide activities that promote lifelong wellness.

9. Have fun!


Infinite Learning competes in the South Bay Middle School Sports League. 


Membership of this league includes: 

Adams Middle School

Chadwick School

Dana Middle School

El Segundo Middle School

Hermosa Valley Middle School

Manhattan Beach Middle School

Miraleste Intermediate School

Palos Verdes Middle School

Parras Middle School

Ridgecrest Intermediate School




  • Tryout (does not guarantee a spot on the team)

  • Tryout coach recommendation 

  • Informed consent forms received

  • Supply shoes and personal articles of clothing/uniforms as appropriate for activity



Each quarter grades will be checked to for eligibility purposes. All students currently enrolled at El Segundo Middle School may participate in the sports program if they meet the following criteria:


1.  Players must possess a 2.0 G.P.A.

2.  Students should not have any Fails or Unsatisfactory Marks.

3.  Students should not have more than one D or N Mark.

4.  Teams may not play ineligible players.

5.  The Athletic Coach, Athletic Director, or Administrative Staff members may declare any student ineligible for unsportsmanlike conduct.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the criteria, contact Coach Lionel or Executive Director, Julie Parrino.



IL places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and safety. As part of this effort, parents/guardians are asked to read and discuss the elements of the Sportsmanship Contract with their athlete. This is a contract between the IL and the parent/guardian and his/her child. The signatures on the Sportsmanship Contract form signify agreement to comply with the provisions of this contract. 



The health and safety of our students is paramount. Certainly, one of our goals is to create a fun and safe atmosphere for our intermural participants. Each student participant is required to show proof of insurance coverage and complete a Health Waiver Form before he or she engages in any practice or games. Only one form is needed for the entire school year. Once the Health Waiver Form is completed, they will be maintained on file in our office. When traveling with our team to other sites, a copy of the Health Waiver Form for each student participant is brought by the coach. We also carry a cell phone when traveling to another site or when students are engaged in physical play activities.


All injuries are reported immediately. An injury report will be completed and parents will be called.


Athletic Coaches are required to maintain a first-aid kit, which must be available at all practices and competitive events. Coaches are prepared to address any emergency requiring basic first aid. Outside support will be called in cases of injuries of a more serious nature. 


Participation Fee

The cost to participate is $170 per athlete per season.



Athletic Coaches will advise athletes what equipment is needed for their particular sport.   It is the responsibility of the athlete’s parent or guardian to provide safety equipment that is in good condition and proper working order.



IL will provide the jersey and/or shirt portion of athletes’ uniforms.  Athletes are responsible for supplying their own pants/shorts, socks and shoes. Athletic Coaches will advise the athlete what color shorts and/or pants will be required.



Athletes are responsible for arranging for their own transportation to and from practices and games.


Organization Information

Infinite Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID#27-3543622) that operates independently of the El Segundo Unified School District. 


Contact Us With Any Questions

Lionel Benjamin, Athletic Director (323) 632-8252 or Julie Parrino, Executive Director (310) 621-0288