Da Vinci Innovation Academy

Enrichment Classes

 Semester 2- Jan. 23 through Apr. 28



Block 1

(Select one class for each day,

indicating your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices)


Monday 3:15 – 4:30 pm

___ Readers Theatre with Erica (cores 1-3) – 15 max

___ Lego League with Anja (cores 1-3) – 20 max

___ Mystery Science with Jennifer J. (cores 1-2) - 20 max

___ Robotics with Anson (cores 3-5) – 18 max

___ Debate with Megan (cores 4-5) – 15 max

___ Spanish with Nancy (cores 3-5) – 15 max


Thursday 3:15 – 4:30 pm

___Rock Band with Robin (cores 1-3) - 12 max CLOSED

___Book Club with Theresa (cores 3-4) – 20 max CLOSED

___Minecraft with Darlene (cores 1-5) – 20 max

___Yarncrafting with Anja (cores 1-5) – 15 max

___Improv and Theatre Games with Erica (cores 1-5) –  15 max CLOSED

___Poetry with Anson (cores 3-5) - 15 max


Block 2

(Select one class for each day,

indicating your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices)


Tuesday 3:15 – 4:30 pm

___ Mystery Science with Jennifer J. (cores 1-2) – 20 max

___ Lego League with Anson (cores 1-3) - 20 max CLOSED

___ Book Club with Theresa (cores 3-4) – 20 max

___ Minecraft with Darlene (cores 1-5) – 20 max

___ Improv and Theatre Games with Erica (cores 1-5) –  15 max 

___ Debate with Megan (cores 4-5) – 15 max


Friday 3:15 – 4:30 pm

___Rockband with Robin (cores 1-3) - 12 max CLOSED

___Zumba with Erica (cores 1-3) -20 max

___Photography with Karla (cores 3-5) – 20 max CLOSED

___Spanish with Nancy (cores 3-5) – 20 max

___Yarncrafting with Anja (cores 1-5) – 15 max




Block 3 – Wednesday AM

(Select one class for each time slot,

indicating your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices)


Section 1 – 9:00 – 10:10 am

___Art Camp with Arielle (cores 1-3) – 20 max CLOSED

___Stamps, Stamps, Stamps! with Anja (cores 1-3) – 20 max

___Cultural Dance with Erica (cores 1-3) – 15 max

___Coding with Anson  (cores 4-5) – 20 max 

___Photography with Karla (cores 3-5) – 20 max CLOSED

___101 Things with Jess (cores 3-5) – 20 max

___Yoga (cores 1-5) – 12 max

___Animated Characters with Chris Mason (cores 1-5) – 20 max CLOSED



Section 2 – 10:20 – 11:30 am

___Coding with Anson  (1-3) – 20 max CLOSED

___Yoga (cores 1-3) – 12 max

___Young Entrepreneurs with Julie (cores 3-5) – 20 max

___Poetry with Karla (cores 3-5) – 20 max CLOSED

___ME Book with Arielle (cores 3-5) – 20 max

___Body Break Games with Lionel  (3-5) – 20 max

___Arts & Crafts with Chris (cores 1-5) – 20 max

___Musical Theatre with Erica (cores 1-5) – 25 max CLOSED



Block 4 – Wednesday PM

(Select one class for each time slot,

indicating your 1st, 2nd & 3rd choices)


Section 1 – 12:00 – 1:10 pm

___Body Break Games with Lionel (cores 1-3) – 20 max CLOSED

___ArtCamp with Arielle (cores 1-3)  - 20 max

___Snacks and Stories with Jess (cores 1-3) – 20 max

___Robotics with Anja (cores 4-5) – 18 max

___Yearbook with Jennifer (cores 3-5) – 20 max

___Minecraft with Anson (cores 4-5) – 20 max

___Novel Writing with Harriet (cores 4-5) - 20 max

___Art & Crafts with Chris (cores 1-5) - 20 max CLOSED


Section 2 – 1:20 – 2:30 pm

___Minecraft with Anson (cores 1-3) – 20 max

___Storytelling:  Exploring the Future with Erica (cores 1-3) - 15 max

___Lego League with Anja (cores 1-3) - 20 max

___Art Camp with Arielle (cores 3-5) – 20 max

___Snacks and Stories with Jess (cores 4-5) – 20 max

___7th Grade Math Support CPM with Harriet (7th Grade) – 15 max

___6th Grade Math Support CPM with Jennifer J. (6th Grade) - 15 max

___Animated Characters with Chris (cores 1-5) - 20 max



Da Vinci Innovation Academy

Enrichment Class Descriptions





101 Things Every Middle Schooler Needs To Know with Jess

There are thousands of things a middle schooler needs to learn to become self-sufficient.  This class will cover 101 essential life skills that will help them become independent and self-reliant.

maximum enrollment:  20 students


6th Grade CPM Math Support with Jennifer J.

In this class, students will work in groups to complete the assigned CPM 1 lesson. They will have the opportunity to ask questions and get help on math skills that they need to practice.  This class counts towards their Wednesday homeschooling.

maximum enrollment:  15 students


7th Grade CPM Math Support with Harriet

Would your child like support with his/her math learning? We've heard that families would like help teaching the DVIA-assigned CPM math lesson! This class is designed to directly support DVIA 7th grade students with their homeschool math. The teacher will coordinate with DVIA's 7th grade math teacher, Nancy, to ensure that the Enrichment lesson matches what students are learning, and assigned as homework, at school. This class counts towards Wednesday homeschooling.

maximum enrollment:  15 students each class


Animated Characters with Chris

Students will create various fun art projects with a wide variety of tools and supplies, cardboard, felt, found and recycled items and more!

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Art & Crafts with Chris

Art class will be a fun and engaging way for students of any age to develop their artistic skills. We will be doing hands-on art projects as a class, in groups and individually, working with all types of materials. Students will get so much out of this class as making art has been shown to improve motor skills, decision making, visual-spatial skills, creativity and cultural awareness.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


ArtCamp with Arielle

 Let the art-adventures begin! “Art Campers” will explore the vast landscape of their creativity in this weekly makers workshop. Projects will include: drawing, painting, printing, collage, sculpting, weaving, repurposing and 3-D craft.

maximum enrollment: 20 students each class


Body Break Games with Lionel

Body Break Games encourage students to release stress, expend energy and enhance learning.  Students will get their body moving and their heart pumping with activities that include cooperative games, modified sports, strategic games, dancing and other activities that promote flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Games and activities are age appropriate and focus on finding the fun in moving and being active.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Book Club with Theresa

Students will have the opportunity to explore engaging and thought-provoking literature in an authentic and fun book club format. Each week, the instructor will guide young readers using close reading strategies that will transfer to any literacy program. The goal is to give students a framework to read critically while developing a true passion for reading that will last a lifetime

maximum enrollment: 20 students each class


Coding with Anson

Empowering students to become tomorrow’s creators, designers, programmers and developers by having students write real code and experience immediate, breath-taking results as they discover the power of coding.  No coding experience required. 

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Cultural Dance with Erica

Students will learn various cultural dances from Central and South America. Since most cultures have a dance that is unique, students will learn traditional dance steps and choreography with each other, while also learning a brief lesson about each country. So, come and explore a world of dance and see how similar - and how different - dance is around the world.

maximum enrollment: 15 students


Debate with Megan

This will be a class where kids will learn presentations and public speaking skills through fun and interactive games. They will engage in mock debates where students will respectfully listen to peers. We will explore debates in meaningful ways through games and mock debates. Students will learn and explore currents events and establish their own point of view. 

maximum enrollment:  20 students


Improv and Theatre Games with Erica

This class introduces students to the excitement and fun of the performing arts through theatre games, imagination exercises, creating characters, and directed theatre acting. Children will be introduced to basic acting skills, learn to interact as part of a group an awareness of the use of their voice and body, and understand the concept of character and storytelling through improvisation. There is a strong emphasis on group work, trust, and the development of self-confidence and poise. The class is designed to enhance the student's verbal and performing skills in a structured - but most importantly - FUN environment. Ability to read is a prerequisite for the class.

maximum enrollment: 20 students


Lego League with Anja and Anson

Lego League is for all students who love to build, create, experiment and otherwise just enjoy working with Legos. Students work on individual and group projects, explore their creativity, learn about architecture and engineering and share their imaginative designs with each other.

maximum enrollment: 20 students each class


Lego Robotics with Anja and Anson

Students will explore the world of LEGO Robotics. Students learn mechanical design, construction, science, engineering, technology, programming and team building skills. Using these systems the children will learn about motors, sensors, pulleys and levers then they will make their robots move, walk, make sounds and who knows what else. Their imagination can run wild.

maximum enrollment: 18 students each class


ME Book with Arielle

A super fun class that inspires self-expression through creative writing prompts, art journaling, and scrap booking. Students will leave this class series with their very own “Me Book” - a bound journal filled with color, art, imagery, and words.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Minecraft with Anson

Join the wonderful world of Minecraft creative design! Learn world building techniques and garner experiences on command line code as well as learn to design fun games at interesting levels that challenge players to think critically.  Students must have an existing Minecraft account prior to the first day of class and come to class with their username and password.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Minecraft with Darlene

Minecraft is a game with few rules and endless imagination.  Lessons will allow students to use technology to explore their mathematical knowledge with hands-on activities, learn building concepts (planning, perimeter, area, proportions), learn about the laws of physics and then using their creativity to reach beyond them.  Students must have an existing Minecraft account prior to the first day of class and come to class with their username and password.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Musical Theatre with Erica

Our Spring 2017 show is "Beauty and the Beast. Set in the French countryside, an arrogant and handsome Prince lives in a beautiful castle where he cares very little for his people. Suddenly, a spell is cast on him and the castle, and a World of Enchantment comes alive with lots of fun, comedy and drama for Beauty, the Beast, Papa, and the Villagers. Adapted from the original fairy tale by Charles Perrault, this play is full of captivating characters and musical merriment, so come and "Be Our Guest"!  Ability to read is a prerequisite for the class. Also, since this is a performance-based class, attendance for all classes, rehearsals, and the final performance is required.  

maximum enrollment:  25 students a class


Mystery Science with Jennifer J.

In this class, students will explore various science topics such as sound waves, plants, habitats, space, machines, and so much more through an online science curriculum called Mystery Science. Each class will include short video clips to engage students and get them thinking about the topic, some hands-on experiments to further develop their ideas about the topic, and extension activities such as reading or writing prompts. 

maximum enrollment:  20 students


Novel Writing with Harriet

Have you always wanted to write your own novel? Do you love reading and wonder how authors write books? Have you wondered what makes a novel a novel? Our novel writing class will examine this very question and guide students through the adventure of novel writing. Students will engage in a creative writing process as they consider aspects of novel writing such as characters, setting and plot.

maximum enrollment: 15 students each class


Poetry with Karla

In this introductory course, students will explore various aspects of poetic craft, including close reading, imagery, metaphors, stanzas, rhythm, and tone. The course objectives will expose students to writing techniques allowing them to develop their own poetic writing style. The curriculum will cover selections by classic poets such as Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost and the work modern day poets such as Maya Angelou and Anne Carson.

maximum enrollment:  20 students


Poetry and Creative Writing with Anson

The English language is beautiful! Learn different forms of poetry from all over the world. Write stories with interesting characters fact or fiction! The pen is mightier than the sword, and you shall become a master wielder!

maximum enrollment:  20 students


Photography with Karla

Do you want to improve your skills as a photographer?  Join this class if you want to enhance your creative photo-taking abilities, learn to tell a story through your images and better develop a sense of expressing feelings and thinking through your photographic images.  Students will learn various photography skills including the history of photography and cameras, common mistakes, storytelling, repeating patterns, backgrounds, the rule of thirds, creative angles and more.  Students are required to provide their own digital point and shoot cameras to use for class.

maximum enrollment: 20 students each class


Readers' Theatre with Erica
Students in the Readers' Theatre class will use their voice to depict characters from texts by sharing literature, reading aloud, writing scripts, performing with a purpose, and working collaboratively. Students will have the opportunity to develop fluency and further enhance comprehension of what they are reading. Lines are not memorized because the focus is on reading the text with expressive voices and gestures to bring the text alive. It presents literature in a dramatic form that allows students to enjoy reading in a whole new way. Ability to read is a prerequisite for the class.
maximum enrollment: 15 students each class


Rock Band with Robin


maximum enrollment: 12 students each class


Snacks and Stories with Jess

A fun blend of food and books!  Students will prepare a wide variety of yummy snacks and enjoy them while exploring engaging stories from different genres.

maximum enrollment:  20 students


Stamps, Stamps, Stamps! with Anja

We use postal stamps almost every day. Children will learn about the background of postal stamps, what makes them so unique and popular that people collect stamps from around the world. Children will also learn that this form of communication has changed due to today’s technology. We will then create our own individual postal stamps (to be used stickers).

maximum enrollment:  20 students


Storytelling:  Exploring the Future with Erica 
In the Storytelling class students will write stories that challenge their imagination about what the future will look like in the year 3000. Will there be robots that look like humans, or maybe animals? Will we be able to live on other planets? Could there be flying cars? The possibilities are endless and the final book project is yours to keep! Ability to read is a prerequisite for the class.
maximum enrollment: 15 students each class


Spanish with Nancy

Spanish class will promote academic learning through a fun and engaging environment, making it easy and accessible to all students. We will be learning through the use of songs, games and age-appropriate books. No previous Spanish experience is required.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Yarncrafting with Anja

Handcrafting is fun! Learn basic crochet and experiment working with different yarn materials and needles. Students will create small projects that they can develop into their own creations, like unique scarves, placemats and potholders.  Advanced learners will use the learned crochet/ knitting skills and work on selected projects. 

The students learn to read crochet /knitting charts – to either work on a project - following the instructions or writing their own instructions based on their own creations.

maximum enrollment: 15 students each class


Yearbook with Jennifer

Memories made in school lasts a lifetime! Join Yearbook where the students create the official DVIA yearbook under the guidance of yearbook advisor, Jennifer Russell. Students select a theme, design the cover, and with publishing software, capture school memories throughout the year.  Each member of the yearbook staff get a free yearbook.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class



Yoga is excellent experience for students to focus on body awareness , fine motor skills and physical strength. Also building positive qualities such as self-esteem , respect and mindfulness. Learning to empower themselves and others. Led by Athena Taylor a certified yoga instructor students will practice basic asanas developing their form, flexibility and prana in a fun, age-appropriate way.  Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a beach towel to use as a mat.

maximum enrollment: 12 students each class


Young Entrepreneurs with Julie

Young Entrepreneurs will learn to create the foundational infrastructure of a business.  During the semester, they will generate a business idea, conduct market research, create a business plan and budget, design a signature product and sell their chosen product.  At the conclusion of the class, the students will determine how to invest their net profits.

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class


Zumba with Erica

Zumba® Kids is the ultimate dance-fitness program designed exclusively for children. Zumba® Kids is more than exercise. This program features age-appropriate music and moves that get children moving to the beat, as well as developing Teamwork, Respect, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Creativity, and Imagination. It's all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it's okay to just be yourself, and dance like no one is watching!

maximum enrollment:  20 students each class